Birth Story


My due date was initially on Saturday - November 14, 2010 but got into labor 3 days later on Tuesday - 17 November.

I tried every natural remedy for labour but nothing was happening so I just let things happen naturally.
There was this one time, on the Sunday night that I got really bad contractions and thought I was going into labour but turned out to just being my bowels clearing itself. I looked it up online and it stated that loose bowels is an early sign of labor and that it could happen any time and any day from then. 

It all started when I woke up to getting painful contractions at 4AM. I decided to time the gap of each one for an hour and resulted to being 10 minutes apart. So when 5AM hit, I woke Jeremy up and told him what was happening. He got up straight away, changed and gathered all the things we needed to take and called the hospital and they said that nothing major will happen until later on the day and to just carry on with what we were doing rather than counting each contraction. So we just went back to sleep.

At around 7AM, I had called my mum to tell her that I'm going into labour and that I can't open her and my aunty's shop that morning, so she called my aunty to open the shop up. So at around 9AM, we went there to drop the keys off. When we got back home, I made a quick trip to the bathroom and saw that I had gotten 'the bloody show' and I knew not to panic when I get it but I still did hehe. So I told Jeremy about it once I got  out and noticed that my contractions were getting stronger. Jeremy called the hospital and informed them about it and they asked to speak to me - they just asked questions about how I was feeling, if my contractions are bad or not, then told me that I can go to the hospital whenever I wanted and when my contractions get stronger.

So we stayed for a little bit and then made our way to the hospital. My mum was already on the way there to meet us. When we got there, we arrived at the same time as my mum did and she gave us change for parking. We made our way to the ward together, where a lady and her kids were in the elevator and talked to me. I found it a little awkward because I was in labour and she continuously asked me questions when I was in labor haha.

When I got inside and checked in, nurses got me monitored and settled down in the 'waiting room'. I was already 4cm's dilated. They were nice enough to give me a sandwich to eat for lunch, while we waited to be more dilated before moving into the labor room, this was around 11AM.

Around 2 hours later (1PM), we got moved into the labour room, when I was around 6cm's dilated. There, they monitored me more, got my midwife that was going to attend to me for the day (there was 2 at the start and then got my main afterwards). There we waited for a while because I was dilating any further. So we tried going in the bath tub, running the shower and none of those worked so at around 3PM, my waters had to be broken manually because it hadn't broke at that point. When my waters broke, my contractions got worst and went back in the bath, where it wasn't as bad.

At around 5PM, I got told to lay on the bed and prepare to go into labour. Though nothing happened and my dilating stopped, then the head midwife for the day came in to see what was wrong and to see the results on the monitoring. They then got something and latched it on the baby's head and monitor his heart rate. At this point, I was just on gas as pain relief. With each contraction I got, I remember squeezing Jeremy's hands and there was one time when I squeezed it so hard he was in pain too, he asked me to hold his hand in a specific way but I just screamed at him haha. He even tried to get a hold of my gas mask but I yelled in his face and got scared lol. A little while later, they noticed that the baby's heart rate was going down each time I had a contraction, so they tried to get me to push but nothing was happening. So they announced that I had to get an emergency cesarean done immediately. All these nurses and doctors came out of no where and just pushed me out of the room. My mum got so angry at everyone because they didn't inform us/them what was happening until the last minute. Jeremy was so worried and I remember him telling me that he was crying.

When they pushed me in the emergency room, they didn't allow Jeremy to come in because it was an emergency but if it weren't he would've been allowed to be there. I just remember I kept vomiting as they were pushing my bed because I had to told them to hold in my inevitable pushes and in result, I would vomit.. I remember the nurse telling my mum that it was because it was that painful? Then when I got to the operating room, I got gas masked and got told to count then passed out.

I woke up in the recovery room, light headed and confused as to where I was. The nurse that was present and checking up on me told me that my baby was healthy and he was born at around 6PM. I looked over at the clock and it was already around 8PM. I asked them where I was, where my baby was and where my family was. Then they pushed me up into my room where my family was waiting.

At that point, all I could feel were stinging on my stomach and being light headed because I was on morphine. Once I got into my room, just before 8:30PM hit, my mum, Jeremy's family and Jeremy's best friend Chris were there waiting for me. I got handed my baby boy for the first time and I was speechless, I think I teared up a little. But I really can't remember because I was so light headed and only snippets come to mind. I do remember the nurse giving me my boy so I could breastfeed him and my milk wouldn't come out so she squeezed it out into a syringe and gave it through that.

Then everyone had to leave because it was getting late and visiting hours were well passed. Jeremy was the only one left because he allowed to stay until 11pm. There, he just listened to me ask questions while being drowsy. When 11pm hit, a nurse came in and told me that if I need anything and/or when the baby cried, to just press the buzzer and they would do everything for me, since I was under morphine and couldn't move.

17 November 2009, Jaiden Andre Rosas was born.

The Hospital Staff were so nice to me, helping me out with everything and anything I needed. I stayed at the hospital for 3 nights and went home on Friday afternoon. I wanted to get home as soon as I can so I could be comfortable in my own bed and clothes. I was so excited to have brought Jaiden back home for the first time.


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