Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of Winter!

I couldn't believe today was the last day of Winter! How time really does fly! But hey, I'm not complaining because I've been waiting for Spring for a while. I've missed the warm weather and having a reason to go out in the sun, rather than staying home all the time to stay warm.

So today, it's Jeremy's mum, sister & grandma's birthday. And we have a few visitors, friends of mums, drop by to give some food and presents. It were as if we were having a party, but we weren't lol.
We visited my dear friends Kaecee and Lorreine again. Gave some hand-me-downs from Jaiden, from his Spring cleaning done the other day. Took some photo's again, and Jaiden tried eating his god-sister Aurora once again -.- lol Afterwards, we went to see baby Trinity at Daniel's house. Turned out that Daniel's parents knew Jeremy when he was young lol weird! Didn't stay long though, because Jeremy's mate Brad was already at our house waiting, to go gym.

Apparently tomorrow is going to be 25 degree's? Too bad Jeremy's working :( We couldv'e gone to the beach! Guess we'll just have to wait. I'm so excited for Spring!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday: It was good to sleep in together with Jeremy, since we never get to, rarely anyway. So we got picked Jaiden up from my mums at around 11am. Dropped my cousin to our shop and brought Stacee back to ours to get ready for work. Dropped her off and just looked around at the computer shop for parts, because our computer's power circuit stuffed up. Went back home and just chilled with the family.

I ended up having a nap for around 2-3hours and when I woke up, I couldn't believe that my boyfriend went back to the shops and bought a new tower with a new power circuit, and as I walked in the extension, he was reconstructing all the wires into the new tower. And all he said to me was "...but I bought you Starbucks" lol it was cute but I was still angry because he spent money again, without telling me and he won't even tell me the amount he spent *sigh. But anyway, the computer is up and running and he re-installed my Sims 3 so I won't be as bored at home, at least that's a plus.

Sunday: We all had the chance to sleep in, including Jaiden which was great! lol but we didn't do anything much today. I just did a couple of rounds of washing (2), with Jaiden on my back, in his baby sling thing lol. And omgosh, he is so heavy! And to think about it, I was carrying 10kg's on my back -.- lol it was heaps cute but cos he kept laughing. I also went through Jaiden's clothes, seeing what to keep, what to give and what can still fit him. I've got a few items to give away to my close friends Kaecee & Lorreine.

We were supposed to go to church tonight, because we missed out on last week but Jeremy had a headache -.- so we didn't go. And so I suggested to go to dinner but I wasn't bothered anymore lol. So we just resulted to drive-in Starbucks and Hungry Jacks. I finally got my craving of a double whopper after how long?! It was so good, but not big enough since I was still hungry afterwards lol. And we just finished the night off with Modern Family, Rules of Engagement and other programs on Ch.10

Until tomorrow! xx

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Night at the Cross

So last night was my cousin Melissa's birthday celebration. We just went clubbing at the Cross with her close friends & family (being her boyfriend Macky's family & myself), so there wasn't much people there, but it was great company though, I love her friends! Since I was bringing Stacee with me, I had to wait for her to come to mine, which she took her time in because she came from Bondi and ended up coming an hour later to what I told her to come at lol. All good though. We made our way to Macky's then trained it with his friend Christian (Chun) because we couldn't fit in the car, since Stace was there. Got dropped off at Parramatta Station by one of Macky's friends Jay, got a bite for Macky at Hungry Jacks since he was hungry whilst waiting for the train. And our convo's whilst on the train were freakin' funny as! I love how I get along with Macky and his friends easy.

We got to Kings Cross and met Mel and her friends at the Mansions Hotel for pre-drinks and some finger foods to nibble on. Though I thought it would be little plates of food, but it turned out to be 3 big plate platters of food and 2 plates of cupcakes. I felt so bad when we left because there were so much food left! Anyway, we met and greeted everyone, I introduced Stacee to Mel's friends. Just drank 1 drink while we were there, which was a Long Island, but the cup was massive! And it was only $14 so that was a pretty good buy! I wanted to drink one more, but I got so caught up in eating, we didn't have enough time lol. And then we headed to The Bank (courtesy of Mel's older brother, owner of the club), just around the corner and started our night away dancing.

But I didn't really like the music being played. It was inconsistant with their music, old school to rnb to house, it just dragged on. Stacee ended up leaving for Flow but I stayed because Mel was my cousin and all, I can't just leave. And then at around 2am-ish we all left and the girls left for a Strip Club but I just stayed outside with Macky & Chun because I felt dirty going in and watching them lol, though I'd like to experience it one day. And then at around 2:45am-ish we caught a cab back to Macky's. Chun serenaded all of us while waiting for Jeremy to pick me up lol. And he's got a pretty good voice I must say!

Overall, it was a great night! With great company, just close friends and all. Nothing bad happened. It was my first night at the Cross too, and hoenstly, I don't see what all the hype is about Seriously. I'll upload the photo's when I'm not capped -.- and my mum took her camera back (since I borrowed hers) so I'll have to get that back too.

Until next time xx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Movie Day

Today, Jeremy's new video card came in, so he wanted to show off to his best friend (lol) so he picked Chris up and he came over. Showed his new toy off, he played with Jaiden, watched 'The A-Team" again, ate and talked. That's pretty much our Wednesday day, so over all a chilled day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jaiden's new play table

We got this as a present from one of Jeremy's family friends for Jaiden, as their Christening present. And today, I decided to set it up, since he like playing with Aurora's one when we went over.

Though I think he rather preferred eating the little blocks than playing with his table lol.

Thursday 19AUG.

So on Thursday, we went to visit Kaecee and my god-daughter Aurora and of course baby John! Jaiden and Aurora had their little play time together, but Jaiden was so naughty to her, always pulling her hair, slapping her and eating her face lol. But it was so cute!

P.S sorry about the crap quality, I took it on my phone.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Day-In

Since we didn't have the car today, because our mum was using it for work, we decided to just stay home. Jeremy cooked up a really nice roast with some vegetables and we watched 'The A Team' & 'The Killers'. They were both really good movies! Though I didn't really like how The Killers ended, I thought there was going to be more content in it, but still good enough!

Jaiden playing on the scales.
Jaiden playing on the scales.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trinity L.Castro

Last night, Sia, Bron & myself went to visit our dear friend Lorreine at the hospital and welcome her and Daniel's newborn baby girl Trinity. She has her fathers facials but mothers nose. The cutest!

There was quite a little drama that happened, Sia locked the keys inside the car -.- but luckily our friend Kevin was there to provide us with his Free2Go membership card that allowed us to get someone out to open the car for free! So we were so lucky he was there lol.

Jaiden at 9 Months

A Happy 9 Months Birthday to Jaiden, yesterday - 17AUG.
I can't believe that in 3 more months, he'll be 1 yr old. Oh my gosh, how time really does fly!

Under The Sun

Yesterday, we were originally supposed to go to the park, but Jeremy didn't want to go in case there will be some drug-like materials at the equipments. So we settled to just sitting down on our picnic rug on the grass near the oval & tennis courts.

It was such a great day! We got to soak in the sunshine, which we much needed, especially when we just stay indoors because of the dull and gloomy weather. But Spring is sure to be on it's way! I can't wait to take Jaiden out, especially to the beach.

Here are some snaps from yesterday's day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Sunny Day

I decided to take another little round of photo-taking with  my boy in the back, since it was such a nice and sunny day.

LOL @ his drool dripping down! I caught it just in time haha

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